Cocozia 2014Epicurex LLC, North Miami Beach, Fla., announced that it will partner with natural and specialty food distributor KeHe to distribute its Cocozia 100 percent organic coconut water across the state of Florida.

KeHe currently works with both large and small retailers, from chains including Whole Foods Market to smaller independent “mom and pop” stores, according to Epicurex. The diversity of retailers is something Epicurex hopes to take full advantage of in the future, said Paul Kilbride, vice president of sales for the company.

Epicurex, which began identifying distribution partners in the fourth quarter of 2013, will focus primarily on the Florida market. However, the company intends to add other states soon, Kilbride said. Six of KeHe’s nine U.S. distribution centers are spread out across the Midwest and the South, making Florida a key area for Cocozia’s expansion, he added.

“Working with KeHe means we can extend our distribution network dramatically in our target states,” Kilbride said in a statement. “We see an obvious interest for Cocozia in the stores that currently have it on their shelves, so additional support from KeHe can only generate more interest in our product.”