For the launch of its Homestead Double Barrel Bourbon and entry into the bourbon category, Homestead American Whiskey partnered with Saxco International LLCHomestead double barrel whiskey to create packaging for the new product. The duo selected a 750-ml super flint premium rectangular bottle with square shoulders, a short neck and a thick glass bottom. For the label, a red, black and white decorative graphic depicting the large “H” logo and Homestead identification was silkscreened on the front of the bottle. To top it off, the companies opted for a black wood top natural cork stopper. Along with this design, Saxco designed six-bottle white shipping cartons imprinted with red and black lettering for secondary packaging. The new 57 percent alcohol by volume bourbon is distributed in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Washington state, California, North Dakota and South Dakota, with future plans for availability in Wisconsin and Nebraska. A bottle has a suggested retail price between $39.99 and $42.99.