Austin, Texas-based Big Red Inc.’s Big Red soda brand plans to educate consumers about the “issue” of backwashing with National Backwash Prevention Day on Nov. 1. According to the brand, an estimated 99.99 percent of Americans have unknowingly fallen victim to their favorite beverages being contaminated by backwash. To highlight the cause, the brand created a video featuring a fictitious packaging response to the issue of backwash. According to the brand, the solution is “a special state-of-the-art can, which monitors the amount of backwash and purges when threatening levels are reached.”

For those who cannot obtain the Big Red Backwash Can, the brand recommends that consumers practice safe consumption by not sharing their sodas. If sharing is necessary, the brand recommends sharing only with loved ones and trustworthy friends. Previous backwash offenders must be avoided, as they are likely to repeat, it adds.

View the video below.