Powdered and water-soluble

Sensient Colors LLC, a business unit of Sensient Technologies Corp., introduced DustPro NXT natural color powders, which significantly reduce dust levels while improving color solubility compared with traditional natural color powders, the company says. Sensient’s research and development team created DustPro NXT natural colors to prevent color particulates from sticking together, improve pouring capabilities, and minimize dust accumulation. When added to water, the colors dissolve rapidly, which reduces mixing time. DustPro NXT also has a greater shelf life and lower shipping costs than liquid natural colors, the company adds. A full color spectrum is available including customized colors to meet specific shade requirements. Additionally, the company launched new AccuPak water-soluble bags that deliver the proper dose of color and eliminate dust and cross-contamination issues, it says. The custom pack sizes are pre-weighed to ensure accuracy and to provide batch-to-batch color consistency. AccuPak quick-dissolve bags eliminate messy clean-up and offer a sustainable solution by reducing packaging waste, the company says.

 Sensient Colors LLC, 2515 N. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63106; 314/889-7600; sensient-tech.com.