Sensient Colors LLC, a business unit of Sensient Technologies Corp., released a complete color spectrum of clean label, bright and stable natural blues and greens permitted in the United States for use in food and beverages, the company says. The expanded natural blue and green offerings include Spirulina, a natural color source that delivers clean, bright blue and green shades, it says. Although Spirulina fulfills some of the natural blue color needs in the U.S. market, its application use is limited, it notes. To accommodate this, Sensient provides two additional natural blues with economical advantages and enhanced effectiveness in dairy, processed foods, baking, beverage and confection applications, it says. Sensient’s natural blue platform can replicate the bold shades of certified colors and offer additional natural colors ranging from blueberry to sky blue, vibrant emerald to clean mint green, and intense grape to soft pastel lavender purple. Available in liquid, powder and dispersion forms, the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 certified colors have proven to be extremely pH-, light- and heat-stable, it says. The company also developed a line of palm-free natural colors. In stability testing, the new palm-free natural colors proved to be very well-protected against color degradation, making them ideal for all food and beverage applications, it says. From a coloring perspective, palm-free formulations can be used as an alternative because they do not differ in shade or appearance, it adds.

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