A country without beer

What would the United States be like without beer? A study conducted by John Dunham & Associates, jointly commissioned by the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association, shows that without the beer industry, the U.S. economy could be very different. America’s beer industry, which consists of brewers, beer importers, beer distributors, brewer suppliers and retailers, directly and indirectly contributes $246.6 billion annually to the U.S. economy, according to the Beer Serves America study. The industry generates more than 2 million American jobs, accounting for nearly $79 billion in wages and benefits and more than $246.6 billion in economic activity, it adds. The industry also contributed $49.1 billion in the form of business, personal and consumption taxes in 2012, the study finds.


Does color influence flavor? 

Researchers at D.D. Williamson conducted an informal taste test with students between the ages of 16 and 18 to determine whether the color of a beverage impacts its flavor perception. The subjects were given three carbonated soft drinks — one with a clear color, another with a brown color, and the last with a pink color — and asked to describe how each tasted. All three beverages had a lemon-lime flavor; however, a majority of the students responded that the beverages had different flavors. For instance, more than one-third of taste-testers described the pink soft drink as “fruity,” “berry,” or “sweet.”


The perfect pour

It’s often difficult to determine how much to pour for a full glass of wine at home. Plus, it’s too expensive for many consumers to purchase 750-ml bottles of fine wines. Therefore, The Vini launched two wine blends in sleek, glass bottles that hold 187-ml of wine — equivalent to one glass or one-quarter of a standard 750-ml bottle. This packaging format, which includes a resealable cap, also enables consumers to sample fine wines at a fraction of the cost without worrying that the wine will spoil before it is finished, the company says. The Vini wines are available in California White and California Red blends for
$7.99-$8.99 and $8.99-$9.99, respectively, online and in select retailers in southern Florida.


Corona de Mayo

Grupo Modelo brands Corona Extra and Corona Light pumped up the party with their new “Corona de Mayo” marketing push in the weeks that led up to Cinco de Mayo on May 5. The brands used special point-of-sale displays featuring “Summer’s First Fiesta” messaging, pennant strings, base wraps, piñatas, floor decals and more to highlight the Corona display in off-premise accounts. They also partnered with Sauza Tequila, Wholly Guacamole, Herdez, Frank’s Red Hot, Snyder’s, La Costeña and Mahatma brands to help deliver higher sales across multiple categories.


Strikeouts for charity

CytoSport’s Muscle Milk partnered with Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw in a charitable marketing partnership. Muscle Milk will donate $100 for every strikeout he throws during the program period to Kershaw’s Challenge, a nonprofit organization that assists at-risk children and provides valuable resources for underserved communities in Zambia, Los Angeles and Dallas, Kershaw’s hometown. As one of the brand’s marquee national athletes, Kershaw also will be featured in Los Angeles-specific marketing and advertising programs to coincide with Muscle Milk’s exclusive partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Colorful crafts

Phillips Distilling Co. launched the new “be UV” advertising campaign for its UV Vodka brand. The tagline, “be UV,” inspires consumers to be as original, bright and colorful as UV Vodka’s 17 flavors, the company says. “Be UV” incorporates lifestyle photography and aims to establish a deeper connection between consumers and UV Vodka, it says. In addition to launching a new website and supporting the campaign with social media, print and online advertising, and sponsored events, the program also includes an interactive photo sharing tool that allows fans to use headlines and colored lenses to create their own “be UV” ads and share them with their Facebook friends.


Saving summer

As a follow-up to its popular “Make It With a Fireman” YouTube video, Beam Inc.’s Sauza Tequila brand released its new “Make It With a Lifeguard” video. In the video, Sauza introduces women to a lifeguard who is ready to rescue any woman from her ex or everyday stress with a Cherry Lime Sauzarita. With the help of a puppy, he instructs the viewer through the process of making the blended beverage while mixing in sweet compliments to treat female fans.


The power to win

 Xyience Xenergy, the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), launched its nationwide promotion “Do You Have the Power to Win?” this month. Fans 18 years of age and older have the chance to instantly win Xyience and UFC prize packages by texting a special keyword to the number found on point-of-sale displays at participating retailers. Hundreds of instant winners will receive prizes including Xyience and UFC apparel, UFC punching bags, DVDs of past UFC fights and pay-per-view gift cards for upcoming UFC fights, and more. In addition, Xyience will host four one-month promotions on its Facebook page through which fans can earn prizes by entering codes found on Xenergy packages. All text and Facebook entries also will be automatically entered to win a weekend in Las Vegas with UFC legend Chuck Liddell or UFC fighter Krzysztof Soszynski.