Jamba Juice Co., Emeryville, Calif., announced that through its “Team Up for a Healthy America” campaign and associated fan pledges, it has been able to support DonorsChoose.org in providing much-needed play and exercise equipment to help kids be active in schools across the United States. DonorsChoose.org is an online charity that provides students with the tools and experiences necessary to help ensure they receive an excellent education, according to the website.

As a result of fan pledges received through the “Team Up” site, Jamba Juice and its campaign partners were able to provide support through DonorsChoose.org for 11 classroom projects that will reach more than 500 students, the company says. The donations include basketball and flag football equipment, sports balls and jump ropes.

Jamba’s “Team Up” program was launched in 2011 in an effort to engage millions of individuals in healthy activities while providing funding for sports equipment through individual requests from teachers at schools across the country. For each healthy activity that an individual pledged to do via the “Team Up” program, Jamba Juice made a $1 donation toward the purchase of athletic equipment through DonorsChoose.org.

Individuals can read more about the current projects funded by visiting DonorsChoose.org, the Jamba Juice donor page. The company plans to continue to make periodic donations to support projects listed on the DonorsChoose.org website based on pledge count increases.

In addition, Jamba Juice encourages people seeking ways to enhance their exercise and diet routines while supporting a cause to log onto www.myhealthpledge.com and join a community of like-minded individuals committed to leading more healthful and active lifestyles. Everyone who pledges to do an activity such as shooting hoops with friends, eating more organic foods or taking the stairs instead of the elevator has an opportunity to earn the title of Ambassador of Fitness and win prizes.