Wixon created a platform of “Tastes That Target Any Generation” ingredient applications. The theme features flavors that appeal to baby boomers and generations X, Y and Z. Wixon research identifies Generation Y as people ages 19-31 who are drawn to bolder taste variations and open to trying out new cuisine. The demographic was the target for Wixon’s Wild Berry Pomegranate Energy Smoothie that features 72 percent reduced sugar, the company notes. Wixon offers its Mag-nifique Sugar Lift ingredient that is designed to enhance the sweetness perception of beverages, desserts and reduced-sugar products, the company says. It also offers Mag-nifique for Stevia, a taste modifier that enhances sweetness and reduces the sweetener’s lingering aftertaste, according to the company. Wixon will be presenting the platform, which also includes snacks and sauces, at IFT regional events this year.

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