Chr. Hansen showcased a probiotic with clinically documented immune health benefits for juice drinks and introduced a new range of natural colors. After months of research and development, Chr. Hansen launched L. Casei 431 Juice, a probiotic developed to survive in low-pH environments, such as chilled juice and juice drinks. The product contains Lactobacillus paracasei 431, which has strong scientific documentation and history of use in yogurt and dietary supplements, according to the company. The strain has an eight-week survival rate, which allows for a long shelf-life, it adds. The company partnered with Tetra Pak to develop an inoculation system to guarantee safe production of probiotic juice, Chr. Hansen says. In addition, the company also introduced I-Colors, a range of instant natural colors for powdered soft drinks. I-Colors dissolve smoothly and easily, can be blended to achieve many different shades, can withstand warm conditions, and have a long shelf-life, according to the company. The range is available in yellow, orange, red and magenta/purple.

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