Doehler presented a broad range of products and applications at the Brau Beviale and Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) events. At both European events, Doehler featured its MultiSweet Plus product range that includes the optimized MultiSweet Stevia ingredient. At Brau Beviale, the company showcased lifestyle-oriented and cloudy beer mix concepts that fit in with the trend for natural products, the company says. It also offered cider concepts with milder taste profiles and fruity, natural flavors. Doehler’s portfolio includes a range of alcohol and non-alcohol cider bases as well as fruity wine bases, it says. Fitting in with a trend toward fresh and lighter malt beverages, Doehler exhibited malt beverage concepts at Brau Beviale that taste like beer and are fruit-flavored: a Malta con Leche and Kvass. Doehler also showcased its capabilities in energy drinks, still drinks, iced tea, carbonated soft drinks and enhanced water beverages at the German event. The company showcased its portfolio of natural flavors and colors at FIE, including high-quality fruit flavors and extracts, mint flavors, white flavors, citrus emulsions and innovative flavor technologies for natural and sensorial calorie reduction, it says. At FIE, the company also highlighted its fresh fruit expertise in fruit juices, fruit juice concentrates, purees and fruit juice blends. Doehler’s capabilities also include malt extracts and malt compounds for innovative use in natural beverages and classic soft drinks, it says.

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