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The Pepsi Bottling
Group Inc.
-distributor of the year

Cover story
- Driven to succeed
The Pepsi Bottling Group has had an impressive year, achieving sales growth in a challenging soft drink market, opening its first new plant in several years, and continuing the strategic acquisitions that have made it Pepsi’s No. 1 bottler. PBG executives talk about the company’s strategy for growth, driving revenue, and bringing innovation to life in the marketplace.
- New River Exemplifies New PBG Production Model

Up Close With...
- North American Beverage Co.: Making a Better Beverage

- Marketing to Kids
Little people can provide big profits, but marketing to kids and teens requires finesse. Targeting today’s younger generation means communicating through many facets of their lives.
- 2005 Beverage Advertising Preview

- Labeling Options Offer Marketing, Production Advantages
The newest trends in beverage labeling.
- Glass-Like Pet, Package overhaul and more...
- Iron-Clad Innovation

Beverage R&D
- 2005 R&D Survey:New Drinks Include a Health Benefit in ’05
Beverage Industry’s exclusive 2005 R&D Survey examines what beverage companies will be spending on R&D in 2005, the ingredients they’ll buy and the way they develop products.
- Children’s Choices for Eating
- R&D Insider
- Creator’s Briefs

- Getting The Best Fuel Economy

Category Focus
- Juice-Makers Shift Focus
Juice companies move beyond “low-carb” to “health-conscious.”

Beverage Beat
- Tread Lightly

Industry Issues
- Diageo to Buy Chalone, New rules for FMBs and more...
- News Briefs
- People

New Products
- Apple Infusion, Natural sodas and more...
- Taster’s Voice
- In Brief . . .

Supplier’s Marketplace
- Protective Oils
- People
- Supplier News
- Patriotic Packaging Builds on National Pride

The Last Drop
- Label-Free Future?