New Beer Clarification System

Getting a handle on water
Roberts PolyPro Inc., a leader in multipacking solutions for the beverage industry, formed a special partnership with Alaska Beverages Inc., a bottler of natural spring water, purified water and flavored water. Alaska Beverages is the first bottler in Eastern North America to offer PET gallon bottles for both natural spring and purified water that can compete at the same price as traditional HDPE gallon bottles in both private label and control brands. Roberts PolyPro provides its Single EasyLift Beverage Carriers for Alaska’s 4L PET bottles. The handles are applied in-line using Roberts’ Intermittent Motion Single Carrier Applicator at speeds of up to 60 bottles per minute. “The EasyLift Carriers help as part of the overall package,” says Frederic Blondeleau, president of Alaska Beverages Inc., “because they give consumers an easier means of handling the large bottle, including carrying and pouring. We offer the possibility of customizing the PET gallon product to each customer’s corporate image by engraving a logo in the actual bottle, and the EasyLift Carriers can be provided in any color or size to help with that custom branding.” — Roberts PloyPro, Charlotte, NC; 70/588-179
In a move that promises to markedly change the beer brewing industry, Pall Corp., Port Washington, N.Y., and Westfalia Separator, North Vale, N.J., recently signed an alliance agreement to produce a new system for beer clarification that does not use diatomaceous earth. To fully appreciate this development, it’s important to note that diatomaceous earth, or DE as it is commonly referred to, is used by 90 percent of the beer industry for clarification. At the moment, the ‘holy grail’ of the brewing industry is to find a way to eliminate the use of DE for filtering while keeping the cost on par, and without affecting flavor.
The system developed by Pall and Westfalia — called Profi — does not incorporate DE at all. It is a combination of the companies’ centrifuge and membrane technologies. Profi is a high-efficiency centrifuge membrane system. Beer is passed through the centrifuge and membrane where the impurities are trapped, the beer then proceeds in a continuous process to the next stage of production. The new technology allows for a fully-automated, continuous process, which is not the case when DE is used as a filtering aid.
A barrier-type solution like Profi was possible in the past, but it was not economically viable. The two big concerns for brewers in considering a replacement for DE are taste and cost, so these were mandates for Pall and Westfalia in their development process. After 15 years of development, Profi meets both the cost and flavor requirements.
Up until now, most of the development work was done quietly while the companies tested small-scale versions of the centrifuge-membrane system. Profi is now economically and technically viable, and support networks are in place to service the system. Pall and Westfalia are now ready to take the next step, introducing the technology to the market at large. A similar system was introduced successfully to the wine industry about five years ago to eliminate the use of DE. — Pall Corp., 25 Harbor Drive, Port Washington, N.Y. 11050; 800/289-7255; Westfalia Separator Inc., 100 Fairway Court, Northvale, N.J. 07647; 800/722-6622;
Ink spots
Diagraph, an ITW Co., added ITW Inks to its product offerings. Formulated for use in Marsh Ink Jet Printers, ITW Inks provide a cost-effective ink alternative that is high on value. To select the appropriate ITW Ink, Diagraph offers an ITW Inks Reference Guide for Marsh Printers. It is an easy-to-understand cross-reference tool for identifying the ITW Ink part number for the Marsh equivalent. Water-based inks and cleaners, high-resolution ink, alcohol-based inks and cleaners, solvent-based inks and cleaners, MEK inks and cleaners, ink cartridges and cleaners are among the offerings. —Diagraph, an ITW Co., St. Charles, Ill., 877-DIAGRAPH;
Wireless forklift scales
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks and Mettler Toledo introduced the first integral, wireless forklift scale in the industry. Direct from the factory and integrated into the carriage, this legal-for-trade communication scale offers the most advanced wireless technology available and allows operators to weigh materials during the loading process.
The scale arrives installed and calibrated. It features radio frequency technology – going wireless and removing cables from the equation helps minimize downtime. The compact, easy-to-use terminal features a Microsoft Windows-based, touch-screen with one-button functionality. The wireless scale allows operators to weigh materials from 5 to 5,000 pounds during the loading process. — Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, 2121 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N., Houston, Texas 77043; 888-MIT-LIFT;
Ergonomic pallet trucks
The B60Z and 80Z Walkie/Rider pallet truck series from Hyster Co. is for use in low-level order picking, cold storage and freezer applications, and product transport industries such as food distribution centers. The series’ Separately Excited Motor technology is rugged, energy efficient and easily serviced due to an integrated traction and hydraulic transistor controller. Numerous ergonomic elements optimize intuitive movements and enhance operator control. The result is increased productivity, reliability and lower cost to maintain.
The B60Z and B80Z Walkie/Riders have a 6,000 to 8,000 pound lift capacity. Fork lengths range from 48 to 144 inches for load handling flexibility. The high-strength steel frame and box-rail construction provide unmatched strength and durability. The trucks’ SEM controller directly accelerates or decelerates the traction motor, increasing motor brush life through regenerative breaking. The SEM controller also generates greater torque range for faster travel speeds and permits programmability through transistor controls.  — Hyster Co., P.O. Box 7006, Greenville, N.C. 27835; 800/HYSTER;
Combo case packer-palletizer
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. has unveiled its new Robotic Case Packer-Palletizer. This all-in-one technology combines a case packer and palletizer in a compact, cost-effective solution. The Robotic Packer-Palletizer loads, labels, scans and palletizes cases with a single, robotic arm. This increases automation while maintaining a small footprint, saving plant floor space.
The machine uses a five-axis Motoman robot with XRC Controller, capable of moving up to 176 pounds. It allows for pallet sizes of up to 48 inches by 48 inches, and unit loads up to 72 inches high. Capable of running single-line applications, the Robotic Packer-Palletizer’s production rates depend on numerous factors including the product being packaged, the number of product per case and pallet patterns. The custom-designed End of Arm Tooling is flexible enough to grab and pack various size objects, including bags, boxes, bundles, bales, cans, bottles and jars. — Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., 5370 Guy Young Rd., Brewerton, N.Y. 13029; 315/676-3035.
Hot melt system
The Shure-Melt hot melt system is a reliable, no-frills workhorse, suited for packaging and product assembly tasks where low cost and simple operation are desired. The tank’s energy-efficient, slice-grid design offers a brisk melt rate for fast warm-up. It also permits the use of sausage-pack, pressure-sensitive adhesives. Heat zones are individually adjustable, controlled by easy-to-use thermostats. The Shure-Melt unit has two hose ports and hoses are available in 8-, 12- and 16-foot lengths. Programming plugs allow easy field configuration of the melt unit for either 120V or 240V operation. Self-programming peripherals automatically configure for 120V or 240V operation when connected to the unit.  — Shure-Glue Systems Inc., 457 Circle Freeway Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 513/874-5581;
A pallet that can
The T-PAK 4456 pallet, a rugged, one-piece design, was created specifically to serve as a platform for the transport of metal, plastic and composite beverage and food cans from manufacturer to filler. The pallet meets FDA sanitary requirements for packaging handling in food and beverage applications. Constructed of high-density polyethylene, the 4456 pallet easily withstands the abuse of multiple return trips. It features a 44 inch by 56 inch footprint and a 4.375 inch height with four-way fork entry. The pallet’s static load capacity is 30,000 pounds, while its dynamic load capacity is 4,000 pounds. Its design incorporates Smart Deck Technology to create a flat, smooth surface.
The 4456 pallet features a hygienic, flow-through deck design, exclusive to Linpac Materials Handling. Surface openings in the top deck are perfectly aligned to the underside openings. This allows both contaminants and wash water to easily fall through the openings, rather than collect on surfaces, for a bacteria-free, fast-drying pallet. Because water has no place to pool in the pallet, it eliminates the need for air dryers on the wash line. — Linpac Materials Handling, 120 Commerce Court, Georgetown, Ky. 40324; 800/442-4892;
Software for valve control
Flowserve StarTalk XP for Windows is a software package that directs Flowserve StarPac, an industrial valve that both controls and measures flow. StarPac uses sensors on the valve body to measure flow, eliminating the need for downstream metering piping. It accurately measures fluid flow rate over the entire operating range of the valve opening.
As a controlling interface for StarPac, StarTalk’s user interface, employs a single, simplified screen for configuration and operation of the valve’s functionality, directing up to 255 StarPacs on a daisy chain network using direct Modbus access. The software features expanded help files and enhanced signature analysis that includes system and component diagnostics for valves, pumps and piping. The diagnostic checks include measurement of actuator air pressure, actuator leakage, valve packing friction, pipe fouling and pump performance. — Flowserve Corp., 5215 N. O’Connor Blvd., Ste. 2300, Irving, Texas 75039; 801/489-2617;
6Pak carriers
PakTech’s 6Pak carriers for beverages are a way to differentiate products from one another. The carriers are comfortable for consumers because they can grab and carry the package by way of smooth finger holes. The easy-to-scan UPC labels can be affixed to the top of the handle as needed. The 6Paks are simple and clean looking, but they can also be ordered in colors to match labels and caps as desired. PakTech 6Paks are easy to apply by hand for special projects or for larger volumes, automated application is available to apply the package on line. — PakTech-OPI Inc., 1608B Irving Rd., Eugene, Ore. 97402; 541/461-5000
In balance
A new line of basic balances, Basic Advanced from Mettler Toledo, was designed to better meet the needs of laboratory professionals for simple, rugged performance, delivering highly reliable results. The balance line also meets today’s demands for greater affordability and lower cost of ownership. The Basic Level Balance range has one-piece, die-cast aluminum housing and offers superior stability and resistance to chemicals. Permanent shock and overload protection ensure reliable results, high productivity and on-spec performance at all times. — Mettler-Toledo Inc., 1900 Polaris Pkwy., Columbus, Ohio 43240; 614/438-4511;
White paper: Boost ROI
Omron Electronics LLC put together a white paper, “Packagers Choose Machine Vision Quality Inspection to Reduce Waste and Boost ROI.” The abstract describes how to achieve greater productivity and profits without investing in capital equipment to increase capacity. It suggests reducing the acceptable waste threshold and boosting return on investment using machine vision to perform quality inspections. Machine vision is now accessible to small- and medium-size packagers  through technological improvements. For more information about Omron’s vision inspection solutions, visit its Web site at or call 866/88-OMRON. — Omron Electronics LLC, Schaumburg, Ill.
Pneumatic tire lift trucks
Cat Lift Trucks new series of pneumatic tire lift trucks are prepared to tackle even the most demanding applications. The P3000-P7000 family comes in nine models and three fuel configurations — gasoline, LP gas and diesel — and provides features to keep operators productive during long work shifts. With a low open step, a handy grab bar and adjustable position hydraulics, the lift trucks were designed with operator comfort and convenience in mind. The full suspension seat provides a comfortable ride, while the elastic comfort strap reduces the risk of cinching, even when riding in reverse.
The heavy-duty drive and steer axles, and the steel frame provide a solid foundation for these hard-working units. Compact dimensions combined with industry-competitive travel lift and lowering speeds contribute to productivity. Narrow mast channels and well-positioned hose and chain routings give the operator good visibility, while the absence of cross bars in the overhead guard improves upward views. — Cat Lift Trucks, 2121 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N., Houston, Texas 77043; 800/CAT-LIFT;
Guide to UV measurement
RadTech International and the UV Measurement Focus Group have released a “Guide to UV Measurement”. The guide is a CD that covers UV technology, radiometry and measurement for industrial UV curing applications. The CD, which took more than a year to make, follows up on the UV Glossary released by the UV Measurement Focus Group and is intended to educate and provide information to both new and experienced users of UV technology. The easy-to-use CD navigates like a Web page. Links to illustrations, photos, definitions, quizzes, videos and technical papers are included on the CD. To view contents of the CD and order, visit UVMeasure-mentCD.html. — RadTech International NA, Chevy Chase, Md., 240/497-1243
Virtual showroom
Alfa Laval created a virtual showroom on its Web site to showcase 16 new products in the fields of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. In the virtual showroom, visitors take a virtual tour of a futuristic building displaying the latest product innovations. Animations and 3D techniques help illustrate the principles of operation, features and benefits, and applications for each product. Take a tour at — Alfa Laval Inc., 5400 International Trade Drive, Richmond, Va. 23231; 866/253-2528
CRM software
Tele-Scope is a modular suite of tools and functions that collectively provide management of customer interactions across the continuum of the customer lifecycle, including marketing, opportunity/lead management, sales orders and delivery, and customer service/support. It is a single application that integrates all of the ways companies interact with the business processes or transactions that actually get business done. To find out more about the software package, visit — VisionWare Inc., 930 W. First Street, Suite 200, Ft. Worth, Texas 76102; 817/810-9109
RFID solution
Markem Corp. has launched its Applied Intelligence solutions, which apply radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and electronic product codes and manage the resulting digital identity throughout the supply chain. With the new technology, Markem can incorporate the RFID solutions in production lines, distribution centers and third-party logistics partners as well as other points in the supply chain where necessary using state-of-the-art imaging equipment and software. Applied Intelligence solutions offer the means to automatically program and apply RFID tags to cases and pallets at production line speeds. - Markem Corp., 150 Congress St., Keene, N.H. 03431-7100; 603/352-1130;
Water-resistant adhesive
ADM Tronics Unlimited now offers Unex 6195, an aqueous laminating adhesive that is water resistant when bonded. Recommended for film laminations that use metalized polyester or metalized polypropylene requiring water-proof bonds, Unex 6195 has been proven to withstand two weeks submersion in water. The adhesive contains no organic solvents and can be used on conventional laminating equipment. – ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc., 224-S Pegasus Ave., Northvale, N.J. 07647; 201/767-6040;
Beverage transfer tubing
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp. has introduced Tygoprene Pump Tubing, Formulation XL-60. The tubing is considered an alternative to silicone and PVC when a longer pump life is required, according to the company. Featuring chemical resistance to a wide range of fluids, the translucent tubing complies with FDA CFR 21, 177.1210 criteria and is NSF listed under standard 51. Applications for the Tygoprene Pump Tubing include chemical transfer and cold or hot beverage transfer. - Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp., 2664 Gilchrist Rd., Akron, Ohio 44305; 800/798-1554;