Riboli Family Wines announced the launch of two new Sauvignon Blancs, adding to their growing portfolio.

“The Sauvignon Blanc varietal has been outpacing the overall wine category in sales and we’ve seen tremendous consumer demand for it,” said Steve Riboli, Riboli Family Wines CEO, in a statement. “These additions to our existing portfolio will expand access to fine wines of exceptional quality from top regions of the world at an attractive price point.”

Hailing from the Northeast part of Italy, the Riva de la Rosa Sauvignon Blanc is from Friuli, where some of the greatest white wines can be found, the company says. France’s Loire Valley is Sauvignon Blanc’s spiritual home, and this example from Les Glories was cultivated in Southern Touraine, Loire Valley, it notes.

The Riva De La Rosa Sauvignon Blanc — straw-yellow in color with greenish tinge — is a sophisticated bouquet and full flavor with an edge reminiscent of pineapple and other exotic fruit, the company says. Meanwhile, the Les Glories Sauvignon Blanc is crisp on the palate and noticeably herbal, with refreshing chalk minerality and a hint of florals, it notes. 

The Riva De La Rosa and Les Glories Sauvignon Blanc varietals are available to purchase nationwide.