Innovation Ventures LLC announced an update to its popular 5-hour ENERGY product line. The refresh features a bold redesign of its 16-ounce beverage, enhancements to classic fan favorite flavors and an introduction of two new flavors to the lineup.

“Our consumers lead active, exciting lives filled with adventure, and our new energy drink lineup is designed to support them through those busy days,” said Doug Steffen, vice president of beverage sales at Innovation Ventures LLC, in a statement. “We’ve been a trusted brand for 20 years, and with our new canned beverage redesign, plus our flavor enhancements and new flavor introductions, we can continue to give our consumers the energy they need to fuel their fun.”

The highlight of the lineup is the vibrant redesign of the 5-hour ENERGY 16-ounce beverage. The canned beverage not only sports a colorful and fun design with an enhanced logo, but also prominently displays important key attributes on the front, making it easier for consumers to make informed choices about their energy drinks and know they’re getting the benefits they want from their beverage, without any sugar or calories, the company says.

In addition to the visual makeover, Innovation Ventures LLC has enhanced the flavors of several fan favorites in the drink lineup. With carefully crafted flavor improvements and higher levels of carbonation, these beverages provide a more enjoyable experience while delivering the same functionality consumers rely on with an unchanged 230 mg of caffeine and proprietary blend of vitamins and taurine, it explains.

The lineup expands with two exciting new flavors: Rainbow Sherbet, a combination of orange and lemon-lime flavors, and Raspberry Razz, bursting with the taste of summer-ripe raspberries. 

The newly designed cans and flavors will be available for consumers this summer.