The new ZLS-T from Southworth is an extension of the popular ZLS line of floor height lifts. The new lift is a combination of lifter and tilter, and is designed for accessing items stored in containers, totes or gaylords. The unique pan-style platform sits essentially flush with the floor when lowered, which allows it to be loaded and unloaded by a hand pallet truck. The company says the lift is ideal for use in facilities without forklifts or stackers or in areas where forklifts are prohibited. The lift and tilt are controlled independently so operators can precisely position loads at the most convenient height and angle for easy access without bending, reaching or stretching. As the level of items in the container change, the operator adjusts the height, angle, or both to maintain optimal ergonomic positioning throughout a shift, the company notes. This new lift can tilt loads up to 30-degrees while at any height — from floor level to 33.5 inches, making it ideal for use in tall- or short-sided containers and drop gate containers, it says. With either a hand pendant or foot control switch, the operator controls the lift and tilt positions. The lift comes available at capacities of 2,000 or 4,000 pounds. The ZLS-T models can be equipped with a variety of safety and convenience options, the company adds, including bellows accordion skirting, photo-eye toe protection, portability chains, three-phase power units and more. 

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