Sparkling Ice is rolling out all new packaging labels on its iconic bottles. The refreshed label prominently positions a bold, clean, and more modern-looking Sparkling Ice logo above the familiar fruit-filled ice cube. 

The new design is optimized to promote brand recognition, improve visibility on the shelf, and boost relevance with target consumers.

“Our Sparkling Ice flavor fans across the country tell us they want to find their favorite brand everywhere they choose to shop,” said Rich DePencier, chief growth officer at Talking Rain Beverage Co., in a statement. “We listen continuously and engage daily with our fans who love the brand. Now more than ever, they expect to find Sparkling Ice whenever they are on-the-go, at-home with friends and family, and at events. The modernization of the packaging was led by fans telling us they wanted to more easily locate their favorite Sparkling Ice brand in its iconic tall, skinny bottle amongst a sea of ready-to-drink options.”

The visual rebrand furthers the brand’s promise to be Anything But Subtle, a campaign theme launched at the start of the year, featuring “Chief Flavor Officer” Emmy Award-winning actress Annie Murphy. It also follows this year’s runaway hit Sparkling Ice STARBURST product line, released in February, which captures the taste and vibrant sensory experience of STARBURST original fruit chew candy with zero sugar.  

“All of our marketing investments are brand-driven, and updating the look of the Sparkling Ice label is no exception,” said Missy Wyatt, Talking Rain’s senior vice president of sales national accounts. “We’re excited to modernize and elevate the packaging of our brand and continue to surpass customer expectations about what this beloved zero-sugar drink company will do next.”

Label enhancements on Sparkling Ice products include making it:

  • Bolder: To increase brand recognition
  •  Cleaner: To improve readability and visibility on shelf
  • Modernized: To boost relevance with target consumers

The logo refresh will be reflected on all Sparkling Ice products by the end of 2024.