Unique Beverage Co. LLC designed a new bottle that is the same height as an average can of soda for its Cascade Ice sparkling waters. The new slim bottles hold 7Cascade Ice sparkling water ounces of liquid and supplement the brand’s original 17.2-ounce bottles, the company says. "We're thrilled to be pioneers in the zero-calorie, sparkling flavored water category by offering our popular Cascade Ice brand in a 7-ounce proprietary bottle," said Mike Broadwell, president and chief executive officer of Unique Beverage Co., in a statement. “This will allow for opportunities to place our product in vending machines and in airline beverage carts. Our innovative, single-serving bottle also provides additional access for us in schools, where portion control and zero-calorie alternatives are more welcome than sugary drinks.” Cascade Ice’s Lemonade, Coconut, Black Raspberry, Orange Mango and Pink Grapefruit flavors became available in single 7-ounce bottles and six-packs of 7-ounce bottles in September.