Q Mixers unveiled its newest flavor: Q SPICY MANGO MARGARITA MIX. 

The bold flavor profile is based on the brand’s MARGARITA MIX, featuring a base of rich organic agave and key limes, complemented with juicy mango and a bold, yet balanced spiciness from jalapeños, the company says.

“The Margarita is the most ordered cocktail in the United States, which is why we’re so excited to offer customers our new SPICY MANGO MARGARITA MIX, a product we feel is well-positioned to become not just a summer staple but your go-to margarita mix,” said Bob Arnold, CEO of Q Mixers, in a statement. “Like anything we do, we carefully crafted this from consumer feedback telling us to bring the sweet and bring the heat. We believe we found the perfect balance for everyone, elevating your favorite spirit or spirit-free alternative. 

“Our SPICY MANGO MARGARITA MIX delivers a bold flavor that matches our new look and feel and allows consumers to enjoy the perfect drink at home,” Arnold continues. “As we say at Q, premium mixers matter. A good mixer makes the drink and this new offering is no different.” 

Q SPICY MANGO MARGARITA MIX is the latest to join Q’s Margarita portfolio, rounded out by Q MARGARITA MIX and Q SPICY GRAPEFRUIT MARGARITA MIX. All flavors, including the new SPICY MANGO MARGARITA MIX, are available to purchase at Amazon and major retailers and grocers throughout the United States.