Brugal unveiled a new permanent edition, prestige sipping rum: Maestro Reserva. 

The rum making process for Maestro Reserva utilizes an innovative cask toasting technique — completely unique to and developed by Brugal — in American sherry oak casks called “Dark Aromatic Toasting,” it notes.

Driven by passion, each generation of Brugal family Maestro Roneros enrich the art of rum making, leaving behind a legacy that endures through the ages, the company says. Brugal family member and fifth-generation Maestra Ronera, Jassil Villanueva Quintana, upholds this as she introduces her legacy— Masetro Reserva, it adds. 

“My family deeply embraces the elegance and soul of Brugal rum, and I’ve absorbed a wealth of wisdom from the generations of Maestro Roneros who came before me,” Villanueva Quintana said in a statement. “By leveraging this knowledge and my unwavering passion, all while paying homage to the Brugal family legacy, I’ve crafted a rum that is ‘moment perfect.’ My hope is that Maestro Reserva graces all of life’s big celebrations, alongside cherished ones, forging moments that will endure for centuries to come.”

Best enjoyed neat or over ice, on the nose Maestro Reserva is oaky and presents red fruits with a hint of smoke balanced by caramel and honey, the company notes. On the palate, flavors of vanilla and caramel emerge, giving way to subtle notes of dark chocolate and dried fruits with a hint of toasted nuts and orange peel, it says. 

Maestro Reserva is presented in a beautiful bespoke glass decanter in support of the brand’s focus on sustainability, the secondary packaging for Maestro Reserva is eco-friendly and fully recyclable, it says.

The 41.2% ABV Maestro Reserva now is available for purchase in the United States in Florida, Texas and New Jersey for a suggested retail price of $200 a bottle, and will expand to other select markets throughout the year, the company notes.