Dogfish Head Cocktails introduced two new higher-ABV recipes: Pineapple Orange Rum Mai Tai and Passion Fruit Citrus Vodka Mule. 

With a 12% ABV, both the Pineapple Orange Rum Mai Tai and Passion Fruit Citrus Vodka Mule — like all Dogfish Head’s ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails — feature real spirits alongside a thoughtfully crafted duo of real fruit juices for distinct flavor experiences, it says.

“We’re always looking for ways to take our cocktails to the next level,” said Dogfish Head Founder Sam Calagione in a statement. “It’s about giving drinkers what they want, but in a way that offers a fresh perspective on what has come to be expected. We’ve been seeing higher-ABV ([greater than]8%) options selling well in the spirits-based RTD space, and among those higher-ABV options, vodka-based and rum-based recipes collectively make up more than half of all dollar sales. So, we took those insights and combined them with our own spirits and real, high-quality culinary ingredients to create our innovative takes on two classic recipes — the Mai Tai and the Moscow Mule.”

The Pineapple Orange Rum Mai Tai features Dogfish Head rum distilled from cane sugar, and combines the natural sweetness of pineapple juice with the citrusy tang of orange juice, the company notes. Meanwhile the Passion Fruit Citrus Vodka Mule is a creative interpretation of a Moscow Mule, mixing Dogfish Head vodka, real fruit juice from passion fruit and limes, and classic ginger beer ingredients, it says. 

To accompany its two newest cocktail recipes, Dogfish Head also unveiled a brand-new look. Paying homage to its coastal roots, Dogfish Head’s new look features nautical, tattoo-inspired illustrations complemented by bright colors and a bigger, bolder “shark and shield” logo. 

Dogfish Head’s Pineapple Orange Rum Mai Tai and Passion Fruit Citrus Vodka Mule are the first two flavors to sport the brand’s new look, but the rest of its cocktail portfolio will follow suit in the coming months, the company says.

On shelves from coast-to-coast now, consumers can track down the new cocktails using Dogfish Head’s Fish Finder.