el Jimador Spiked Bebidas, a brand of Brown Forman, announced its nationwide launch after a successful test launch in limited states in 2023. 

el Jimador Spiked Bebidas are crisp malt flavored beverages (FMB) featuring tequila-inspired flavors, the company says. 

The 5.9% ABV Spiked Bebidas are available in four flavors ranging from zesty citrus to tropical indulgence:

•    Lime Margarita: Inspired by the most popular cocktail in the world, the Spiked Bebidas version brings forward a crisp lime flavor with a subtle sweetness to balance it all out. 

•    Grapefruit Paloma: The Paloma-inspired FMB is bittersweet, sour and citrusy. 

•    Pina Coconut Margarita: A mix of pineapple and coconut flavoring creates a subtly sweet drink.

•    Orange Sunrise: This flavor has a bright, citrusy taste. The vibrant tang of orange juice flavor is balanced with a hint of sweetness.

el Jimador Spiked Bebidas are rolling out nationwide in 2024 in a 12-pack variety pack with all four flavors. Lime Margarita and Grapefruit Paloma also will be the first to be available in 16-ounce and 23.5-ounce single-serve cans, it says.