Widmer Brothers introduced the brewery’s seasonal release: White Gold Hazy Lager.

The rich aroma and light golden hue of this lager is what inspired the name — the haze that almost shines makes you feel as if you have just struck gold, the company says. 

White Gold Hazy Lager is a spin on the classic German Kellerbier, a cloudy style lager. Using an elevated approach to this beer style, Widmer has added a smoother mouthfeel and more balanced flavors while keeping the crisp, refreshing aroma and finish of craft lager, it says.

The 4.7% ABV Hazy Lager brings a lightly toasted aroma, a mild and refreshing body, and a mellow and crispy finish, it notes. Available now through April, White Gold can be purchased in six-packs of 12-ounce cans throughout Oregon and Washington.