The Duckhorn Portfolio announced the launch of Decoy Featherweight Sauvignon Blanc, a lower-calorie wine with a 9% ABV.

The unveiling of Featherweight builds on The Duckhorn Portfolio’s more than 40-year history of crafting acclaimed Sauvignon Blanc, the company says. To establish a new benchmark for quality in the lower-in-calorie/lower-in-alcohol wine category, the debut 2023 Featherweight was made from the same blend of premium grapes as the category-leading Decoy California Sauvignon Blanc, it notes.

“With the rising interest in lower-in-calorie and lower-in-alcohol wines, the category achieved just over $1.12 billion in domestic sales last year,” said The Duckhorn Portfolio’s Interim President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson, Deirdre Mahlan, in a statement. “As the No. 1 luxury wine brand in the U.S., Decoy’s entrance to this important and growing category was a natural evolution. It will introduce Decoy to a new audience of consumers who are engaging with wine on different occasions and in different ways. By combining Decoy’s quality and premium grape sourcing with the innovative spirit of our winemaking team, we believe Featherweight represents an exciting new addition to the lower-in-alcohol category.”

Decoy Winemaker Dana Epperson, added: “Our goal for Featherweight was to create a wine with all the delicious character and charm of our Decoy bottling that was lower-in-calories and lower-in-alcohol. Sauvignon Blanc is a grape that we know and love, with a rich tradition at The Duckhorn Portfolio, and we are tremendously proud of Featherweight. Beautifully crisp and vibrant, with enticing layers of citrus and tropical fruit, it is an extremely versatile wine that will inspire new and exciting moments for wine lovers.”

The inaugural 2023 Decoy Featherweight Sauvignon Blanc is line-priced with the Decoy California Sauvignon Blanc at a price of $20 a bottle, available to purchase by visiting Decoy Wine’s website.