Glenmorangie unveiled a new limited-edition whisky: A Tale of Tokyo, a single malt whisky, combining bright, bold flavors with soft sweetness, it says.

Inspired by the memories, feelings and flavors of his many visits to Tokyo and a desire to experiment with rare Japanese Mizunara oak casks, Dr. Bill Lumsden has created a limited-edition expression characterized by enchanting opposites, the company says.

“I’m lucky to have traveled widely over the years sharing Glenmorangie around the world whilst also gathering new inspiration for whisky creations, and Tokyo has always been one of my favorite places,” Lumsden said in a statement. “I’m fascinated by the contradictions between its bustling streets and tranquil gardens, ancient and modern buildings, its many sensory experiences and its culture. My time there over the years made me wonder whether I could capture my experience of Tokyo, and these beautiful intricacies, in whisky form.”

In the whisky’s flavor profile, pepper meets bitter cherries and coconut, as orange zest fuses with sweet oak, the company says. On the finish, classic Glenmorangie flavors of mandarin, almond and marzipan can be detected, it adds.

To bring the inspiration and flavors of A Tale of Tokyo to life, Glenmorangie collaborated with Japanese artist Yamaguchi Akira, who has created his own perspective of the city’s rich layers of history and culture in an artwork, which adorns each bottle and its packaging, it notes. From the Tokyo Tower and Ueno Park to Glenmorangie’s giraffe-high stills and lush Mizunara oak trees, there are many intricate, hidden discoverables in his work, including several Dr. Bill figures peppered throughout, it adds.

“It’s been a joy to collaborate with Glenmorangie to bring Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo to life through my art,” Akira said in a statement. “The idea of my residing home conjures up so many different thoughts and feelings, and my work reflects Tokyo’s contrasts in many ways. Incorporating hints about Glenmorangie and its whisky really appealed to my sense of playfulness.”

The 46% ABV Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $109.99 a bottle.