KROHNE Inc. showcased its line of instrumentation products at Process Expo in Chicago. KROHNE highlighted the OPTIMASS 7400, the OPTIWAVE 3500 and 6500, and the OPTIFLUX 6000. Each product’s unique applications to the food and beverage industries was highlighted. The OPTIMASS 7400 is a Coriolis mass flowmeter, ideal for food and beverage applications with high accuracy mass flow and concentration measurement. With a single straight tube design, it’s ideal for viscous and dense fluids. The OPTIWAVE 3500 radar level transmitter is fit for use with liquids with hygienic requirements. The technology offers continuous, non-contact level measurement in small and narrow vessels, thanks to its 80-GHz radar and flush-mounted Lens antenna. KROHNE’s OPTIFLUX 6000 series of electromagnetic flowmeters are used for both basic and advanced hygienic applications. They provide a cost effective and precise solution for production processes or dosing and filling in the food and beverage sector. The company says it has a strong commitment to the food and beverage industry, “with a dedicated division that compromises a global team of industry specialists.”

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