Blue Run Spirits announced the release of Trifecta, the company’s first three-age Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 

Blue Run Trifecta Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a small-batch whiskey that demonstrates the delicate balancing act required when blending a high-quality base whiskey with the vivid flavors and aromas from older “wood heat” whiskeys, the company says. 

Trifecta starts with a base of finely crafted six-year-old whiskey, which makes up less than half of the composition of the total liquid, the company notes. To add additional depth and character, Blue Run Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon blends that with two whiskeys aged in the upper reaches of their respective rickhouses, giving them what she calls “wood heat,” it says.

“‘Wood heat’ barrels are those that experienced the highest temperatures the warehouse has to offer due to their position at the top, forcing out the water molecules and concentrating the alcohol within the barrel,” Gammon said in a statement. “These higher-proofed barrels, in turn, extract more of the components of the wood from the barrel that can contribute a particular wood intensity to the whiskey, which needs to be approached with a knowledgeable, restrained hand when blending.”

Packaged in 750-ml bottles, the 117 proof Trifecta is available at retailers nationwide, as well as online at the company’s website. This is the first bourbon from Blue Run since the 12 Days of Bourbon holiday 2022 collection, the company notes.