No Days Off (NDO) announced the launch of its NDO H2O ultra-premium canned waters. 

Created by fitness entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of LEGACY gyms, Manning Sumner, NDO H2O is a symbol of dedication and commitment that represents the idea that success is not achieved overnight, but through consistent effort and hard work, the company says.

“Drinking enough water is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get healthier, but throughout the process of creating NDO H2O, I realized not all water is good for you,” Sumner said in a statement. “We all need to be drinking about a gallon of water a day, and you want to make sure it is water that is pure and replenishing your body with the minerals it needs. I developed NDO H2O to be the best water on the market — crisp, clean, refreshing and thirst crushing — for everyone committed to becoming better versions of themselves.”

The ultra-premium water is designed for individuals who demand the best in purity, taste and performance, according to the company. NDO H2O combines a reverse osmosis purification process with a proprietary blend of essential minerals and has an optimal pH balance, helping consumers feel better and perform better, it says.

Packaged in recyclable tallboy aluminum cans, NDO H2O is available in two variations: Still H2O and Sparkling H2O. Still H2O is pure, crisp, and balanced, while Sparkling H2O is refreshing with just the right amount of bubbles, the company says. 

Both variations of NDO H2O are available to purchase online at Amazon and the company’s website, as well as at select retail locations throughout Florida.