The Glenlivet, a brand of Pernod Ricard USA, recently introduced The Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails, a new line of premium, ready-to-serve, whisky-based cocktails. 

This new offering elevates at-home entertaining by providing a premium, crafted experience without the hassle of leftover ingredients, complex recipes and bar equipment, the company says. Using first-to-market technology, the new innovation proves that quality and accessibility are not mutually exclusive — simply twist the cap to mix a burst of cocktail flavorings into The Glenlivet single malt for a high-quality, freshly-mixed cocktail, it adds.

The collection is debuting with the Old Fashioned and New Manhattan, offering convenience without sacrificing quality, the company notes. Maintaining the flavor profiles of the beloved classics, the silky taste of the Old Fashioned is achieved with the tasting notes of orange, nutmeg and cinnamon, while the New Manhattan is a testament to the timeless classic featuring notes of cherry and ginger, it says. 

“The launch of The Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails is the latest example of The Glenlivet leading the category in modernizing single malt Scotch whisky,” said Johan Radojewski, vice president of marketing, Scotch, Irish & Prestige Whisky, at Pernod Ricard USA. “With this new innovative product, we are inspiring people to enjoy single malt Scotch whisky on more occasions and providing a solution to meet consumer demand for high quality, freshly mixed cocktails that are easy to serve and enjoy with friends and family.”

The innovative twist cap in The Glenlivet Twist & Mix uses Vessl’s patented closure and delivery technology.

“We are impressed how The Glenlivet has adopted the Vessl technology to create high quality, freshly mixed ultra-premium craft cocktails at home with no mess and no effort,” said Walter D. Apodaca Jr., founder and CEO at Vessl Inc., in a statement. “This is exactly the kind of forward-thinking use of our technology that we envisioned, and tastes even better than we imagined.”

The newly innovated The Glenlivet Twist & Mix Cocktails can be purchased by visiting the company’s website.