SAYSO, a craft cocktail tea bags brand, is unveiling new product packaging and two new flavors just in time for the brand’s one-year anniversary. 

The packaging redesign follows a successful retail expansion across 36 premium specialty stores and boutiques nationwide and is a result of the brand’s commitment to offering a more eco-friendly product at an even more affordable price point. 

SAYSO will replace its current box packaging with pouches made from post-consumer recycled materials, which will be available for purchase on the brand’s website. As a result of this packaging redesign, consumers will enjoy a lower price point of $16 for eight cocktail tea bags, down from the previous price of $24, it says. 

Since July 2022, monthly sales have grown 600% with an average of 38% a month, according to the company. 

“As SAYSO celebrates our first-year anniversary, we are thrilled to introduce our new sustainable packaging and two new cocktails to our customers. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience with high-quality ingredients, convenience, and sustainability at the forefront,” said Co-Founder Chloe Bergson.

The certified women-owned beverage category disrupter is bridging the gap between ready-to-drink mixers and labor-intensive cocktail kits offering an option for cocktail enthusiasts and non-drinkers alike in an easy format. Unlike traditional cocktail mixers that are loaded with artificial flavors and excessive amounts of sugar, SAYSO offers an all-natural alternative using only the freshest, granulated ingredients including dehydrated fruits and herbs dried at peak flavor, according to the company.

SAYSO’s successful product lineup, including the Skinny Spicy Margarita, Rosemary Honey Moscow Mule, Skinny Cardamon Paloma and the classic Old Fashioned, will be joined by two new cocktails. Launching this summer, the classic Espresso Martini is a trending favorite and the upcoming Hibiscus Cosmopolitan in early fall offers an approachable, low-sugar option with an elevated SAYSO twist.

The biodegradable tea bags provide the perfect balance of taste and convenience requiring no shaking, blending, or mess when cocktail crafting. Just steep the bag in cold water for 3 minutes, add your spirit of choice (or skip it for a mocktail), and add ice. 

Co-founder Alison Evans added, “We look forward to continuing to expand our retail footprint, partnerships, and collaborations this year to bring SAYSO to even more cocktail lovers nationwide. We’re excited to see our products hit the shelf at Citarella, Fairway, Gourmet Garage, and Bristol Farms this month.”

SAYSO products can be purchased on its website, Amazon, and in select retail stores.