With a focus on year-round IPAs, Iron Hill Brewery announced the release of a trio of new IPA flavors: Autoplay, Kryptonic Haze and Peaches & Cream.

“New beers can often take a brewery years to develop. So releasing three at the beginning of the year is no small task,” said Mark Edelson, co-founder of Iron Hill Brewery, in a statement. “With 20 brewery locations, our team of award-winning brewers can make test batches simultaneously and compare notes. By the time an Iron Hill beer hits the shelves at your local retailer, you know that it has the fingerprints of some of the most decorated brewers in the country."

The 5.6% ABV Autoplay pairs ripe guava, juicy peach and passion fruit flavors to round out Iron Hill's core offering with a non-hazy option for those looking for a crisp, clean IPA, the company says. Meanwhile, the 9% ABV Kryptonic Haze features American hops, bringing an intense, juicy tropical fruit aroma and unique tropical flavor profile, it adds. At 7% ABV, Peaches & Cream is the first beer available this year in Iron Hill’s new Milkshake IPA series, the company notes. Highlighting familiar seasonal flavors, customers can expect nostalgia, comfort and a little decadence in every sip, it says.

The new Iron Hill beers are currently rolling out to store shelves in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, the company notes.  Store locators can be found by visiting the company’s website.