Snapple, a brand of Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP), Burlington, Mass., and Frisco, Texas, announced the launch of the Snapple fAIct Generator — an AI-powered tool that makes it easy to create facts about any topic— celebrating 20-years of Snapple Real Facts, facts found under every Snapple bottle cap.

To help share the news of this new tool, Snapple used ChatGPT to write this press release, with some light edits to make it more “Snapple-y,” the company says.

The Snapple fAIct Generator, powered by technology from ChatGPT creator OpenAI, allows users to create and share facts through social media. Whether looking for a fact about a Snapple flavor, doughnuts, music, or our favorite furry friend, ChatGPT has got you covered, it says. The Snapple fAIct Generator will create a database of all newly created facts and some might appear under caps in 2024, it adds.

“Snapple’s fans have come to expect the unexpected from the brand, which is beloved for its variety, flavor, and most of all, fun. Over the past 20 years, a central part of the fun Snapple experience has been the Snapple Real Facts under the cap,” said Kelli Freeman, senior vice president of marketing at Keurig Dr Pepper, in a statement. “The Snapple fAIct Generator makes it easy for a new generation of Snapple fans to experience the fun of facts in a tech-forward, and interactive way.”

By visiting, or scanning the QR code on any Snapple Bottle, consumers can use the Snapple fAIct Generator to create custom facts. Snapple fAlcts are generated by AI, so they could be wrong, skewed, or even inappropriate, the company notes.