Chicago-based Grubhub released its annual retrospective look at the biggest national ordering trends and eating habits of the year in a report called “2022 Delivered.” By analyzing millions of orders from diners this year, it shows that comfort inspired what consumers ate, revealing who they were in 2022, the company says.

Grubhub also is sending diners their customized 2022 Delivered recap report that delves into personal ordering highlights and reveals unique self-discovery stories about how delivery impacted much more than what they ate, but who they are, it says.

The following are some of the beverage-related highlights from Grubhub’s “2022 Delivered” report:


2021 was all about that red, red wine, but 2022 was the Year of the Beer as it made its way back to the top of the chart. The chill vibes had diners cozying up on the couch to crack a cold one. When it wasn't a crisp lager accompanying that burrito, the Margarita sure spiced up evenings burritoed in a warm blanket. And it’s white wine for the win, overtaking the red wine dominance seen last year. 

Top Alcohol Orders  

1.    Beer  

2.    Margarita  

3.    Hot Sake  

4.    Pina Colada  

5.    White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc) 


Some liked it hot but most everyone preferred it cold. Iced Coffee jumped from third place last year to top coffee order this year. “Iced coffee over everything” was the motto — regardless of the temperature outside. It became a daily routine, getting that coffee to milk ratio just right. America chose oat milk to do the trick. In fact, oat milk was preferred 4:1 over almond milk this year. Coffee lovers knew just what color to look for as they swirled their cups to achieve the perfect hue. Americans perfected this motion with iced coffees delivered to almost every moment (sun or snow). 

Top Coffee Orders  

1.    Iced Coffee 

2.    Hot Coffee  

3.    Iced Caramel Coffee 

4.    Iced French Vanilla Coffee  

5.    Frozen Coffee 

Top Milk Alternatives   

1.    Oat Milk 

2.    Almond Milk 

3.    Coconut Milk  

4.    Soy Milk  

5.    Cashew Milk 

Methodology: Grubhub’s “2022 Delivered” report is based on trends gathered from tens of millions of orders on the Grubhub platform. Order trends detail the rise in popularity of food items placed by Grubhub diners from January-November 2022, as compared with the same timeframe in 2021.