Stamford, Conn.-based BlueTriton Brands announced teaming up with New York-based Teads, a global media platform, to launch a first-to-market sustainability initiative that will reduce the carbon impact of BlueTriton’s digital advertising practices.

This sustainability initiative will optimize the footprint of Teads’ delivery of BlueTriton's ads and addresses the main drivers of carbon emissions in digital advertising: heavy creatives, wasted impressions due to viewability and targeting inefficiencies, as well as technology friction with excessive quantities of associated platforms, it says. As a seamless end-to-end omnichannel platform with direct integration to premium publishers, Teads has the unique ability to control multiple areas within the media supply path.

The digital sector’s rapidly rising footprint accounted for between 2.1 and 3.9% of global emissions in 2020, the company notes. Furthermore, digital advertising processes are estimated to be responsible for half of the web traffic excluding video streaming traffic. Together with global media services agency Horizon Media, New York, BlueTriton will be the first company to partner with Teads in the United States to measure digital media related carbon emissions, enabling real time optimization across creative messaging and media placements on mobile and desktop, it says.

“Our world is becoming increasingly digital, and this change is redefining what it means to be a responsible business. While digital media represents a small portion of our carbon footprint, it is how we engage millions of people about our products and sustainable hydration. Pioneering this new standard with Teads lays the foundation for a more sustainable future for digital media,” said Ed Ferguson, chief sustainability officer at BlueTriton Brands, in a statement.

Autumn White, executive vice president, digital, managing partner with Horizon Media, added:  “To many people outside the industry, carbon emissions related to digital advertising is a surprise. While it is not immediately apparent, it is a significant and growing issue as brands turn more and more to digital to reach people at the point of purchase. We’ve got a collective responsibility to address climate change and take on sustainable processes wherever we can, so we’re pleased to be working with BlueTriton and Teads to reduce our industry’s environmental impact.”

Furthering Teads’ commitment to deliver sustainable business outcomes and future proofing partner success, this innovative collaboration also supports BlueTriton's “Made For A Better Tomorrow” campaign that donates bottled water to communities in need for every pledge to recycle.

Teads champions a sustainable media ecosystem that also balances revenue models for content providers, data practices, and partnerships, it says. Teads’ new collaboration with IMPACT+ allows advertisers to accurately measure the carbon footprint of their campaign and minimize the energy impact of each objective and impression served, addressing the main drivers of carbon emissions in digital advertising, the company notes. The offering with IMPACT+ is available in select markets across Teads’ global footprint, and will continue to evolve into 2023, it says.

“Quality sustainable practices isn't just good for the environment, it's good for business and as a major global media platform, we are doing our part to future proof the media industry,” said Jeremy Arditi, co-CEO with Teads, in a statement. “We’ve launched this initiative to better understand Teads’ impact both at the global platform level as well as the campaign level. We are utilizing this data to help brands make informed decisions to focus their efforts and optimize their investment and creative decisions.”