To celebrate the 300th birthday of colonial firebrand Samuel Adams on Sept. 27, The Boston Beer Co., Boston, will cover the cost of a Samuel Adams for people named Sam, Samuel or Samantha Adams ― or anything close. If you're a Samir or a Samara or an Adam, that counts too, it says.

Boston Beer’s founder and brewer Jim Koch, an unofficial founding father of craft beer, always wished he could share a beer with Samuel Adams, the company notes. Now, Koch is footing the bill for 300 fortuitously named winners to toast one of the founding fathers of America on his 300th birthday, it adds.

“I’ve always admired Samuel Adams as a revolutionary, with his underdog spirit and passion for boundary-pushing ideas,” said Koch in a statement. “His fight for independence served as the inspiration when I first discovered my great-great grandfather’s recipe and named it Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Sam’s uncompromising nature continues to drive our endless pursuit of better beer ― and beyond beer ― today.”

Centuries later, following Adams’ rebellious footsteps, Koch is leading the American craft beer revolution, making the name Samuel Adams synonymous with American craft beer, the company says.

To get on the “guest list” to enjoy a cold one, and wish Samuel Adams a “Hoppy Birthday,” drinkers 21 and up with the name Samuel Adams ― or anything close ― can enter to win at beginning Sept. 27.