Cheribundi, Portland, Ore., announced the launch of its 32-ounce Pure Concentrate to broaden the brand’s already extensive portfolio. 

The premium product features more than 500 tart cherries, the most antioxidant-rich superfruit in the world, carefully blended via Cheribundi’s proprietary extraction process. Designed for recovery both off and on the field, the 32-ounce concentrate serves as an extension of the brand’s already successful single-serve concentrate launch and expansion efforts during the past year, it says. With Cheribundi’s products fueling nearly 400 professional and collegiate teams, this new innovation serves as a direct response to their need for easier access to Cheribundi within locker rooms and team fueling stations, it adds.

“We created Pure Concentrate largely for Cheribundi’s roster of nearly 400 collegiate and professional teams and we’re thrilled to expand our offerings with the 32-ounce Pure Concentrate to further fuel our athletes’ recovery and daily rituals seamlessly, by making it more easily accessible,” said Marcel Bens, CEO of Cheribundi, in a statement. “This launch solidifies Cheribundi’s position as the leading all-natural performance wellness and sports nutrition company ― a brand that is constantly innovating and creating new top-of-the-line products for our athletes and consumers alike.”

Cheribundi was born from the discovery of the antioxidant power of tart cherries, scientifically proven to impact sleep, recovery, and overall physical health. Cheribundi’s Concentrate has two times the antioxidant benefits of the juices, it notes. Pure Concentrate can be added to a smoothie post-workout, mixed directly with water or enjoyed straight from the bottle. 

Cheribundi’s 32-ounce Pure Concentrate is available for pre-order on for $29.99.