Pop & Bottle, the female-founded coffee company known for its premium, organic, dairy-free Oat and Almond Milk Lattes, is expanding its offerings with a line of Super Concentrates — in Classic Cold Brew, Vanilla Cold Brew and Mocha Cold Brew — exclusively at Walmart stores and on walmart.com. Made with specialty grade, direct trade Arabica beans sourced from Central America, this smooth coffee concentrate requires 1 tablespoon to make any favorite coffee beverage at home, the company says. Pop & Bottle's sustainable extraction process yields 90% of the coffee extracted from each bean with minimal waste and significantly reduced oxidation, resulting in a robust-flavored, 15 times strength liquid coffee concentrate, it adds. Pop & Bottle's Super Concentrates currently are available at Walmart. Each bottle contains 16 servings and retails for $12.98. Pop & Bottle's Oat Milk Lattes and Almond Milk Lattes also are available at Walmart, as well as many other retailers across the nation and online.

Pop & Bottle, San Francisco

Internet: www.popandbottle.com 

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