KLYR Rum, a silver rum disrupting the category and proud sponsor and preferred rum of the Philadelphia Phillies, has released a new American flag bottle.

Distilled 12 times and filtered 18 times, KLYR Rum (suggested retail price of $27) is a gluten-free rum with zero grams of sugar and zero grams of carbohydrates. 

The story of KLYR started with founder and CEO Amish Patel who came up with the idea of producing a unique silver rum in the United States that drinks like vodka or tequila, the company says. The KLYR team then partnered Holy Water Distillery, which is a craft distillery located in Lewisberry, Pa., Master Distiller Lexi Close to help develop the recipe and produce KLYR Rum. Close and her team at Holy Water Distillery were able to fine-tune the perfect ratio of sugar, water and yeast utilizing a proprietary distillation and filtration process.

The new bottle design helps to highlight the brand’s presence in the United States and the fact that the rum is American made, the company says.