buzzbox premium cocktails announced new packaging across its portfolio of ready-to-drink, all natural ingredient cocktails. The new packaging and exclusive agreement with Blue Ridge Spirits & Wine Marketing for distribution management and customer sales elevate buzzbox’s ongoing efforts to lead the ready-to-drink cocktail category in quality and sustainability, it says.

The new buzzbox packaging includes bold new colors and vibrant graphics that prominently showcase the cocktail name followed by the featured spirit, such as small batch rum or premium vodka. These new illustrations reinforce the all-natural, quality ingredients in each buzzbox premium cocktail, the company says. The new designs also replace the plastic straw with the Dreamcap, Tetra Pak’s state-of-the-art resealable screw cap made from renewable materials. 

The innovative design provides optimum beverage flow control and a resealable closure. This plant-based cap made from plastic derived from sugar cane further increases the renewable content of the buzzbox’s carton packaging from Tetra Pak. The new designs maintain the recyclable benefits of buzzbox’s signature lightweight Tetra Pak cartons made primarily from paperboard, while in a larger 250-ml format. The new boxes increase the cocktail contents, but the price remains unchanged, providing consumers 25% more value, the company says.

“Buzzbox is a purpose-driven company. Crafting cocktails focused on quality and sustainability is the heart of everything we do. Our latest packaging updates show this purpose in action by increasing the renewability of the package while protecting the fresh quality ingredients found in our cocktails. Plus, with new graphics, our boxes look even better while doing it,” said Rod Vandenbos, buzzbox founder and CEO, in a statement. “We are always pushing for more as our customers demand sustainable solutions. As next generation solutions become available, we will continue to innovate to offer our consumers and trade partners the best quality ready-to-drink cocktails possible in lightweight, recyclable packages made from renewable materials.”

Featured in the new packaging is the buzzbox Tequila Paloma premium cocktail. The tequila-based cocktail features all-natural grapefruit and lime juices sourced from California orchards. Rolling out on shelves starting now, the new Paloma cocktail is line priced with all the buzzbox premium cocktails with a suggested retail price of $12.99 for a four-pack.

In addition to expanding distribution into three new markets, Arkansas, Missouri and Rhode Island, an exclusive sales partnership agreement with Blue Ridge Spirits & Wine Marketing will expand availability of the buzzbox premium cocktails.

“We are very excited to partner with buzzbox. Its unique packaging and incredible liquid will make it a standout in this ultra-competitive category. We look forward to much success on this brand,” said Carlos Carreras, Blue Ridge Wine & Spirits CEO. The Blue Ridge team will be focused on giving the brand broader exposure in existing markets and enabling buzzbox premium cocktails to move into new regions. buzzbox premium cocktails will initially launch with Blue Ridge Spirits & Wine Marketing in ten states, including California, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.