Shrubbly, founded by Matt Sayre in early 2020, was established on the basis of turning old-fashioned Shrubs into a modern functional beverage. Having launched Shrubbly and hit shelves merely weeks before the pandemic began, the initially positive consumer reaction was quickly diminished by the larger safety matters at hand. 

Come late summer 2021, with more regular consumer habits on the return, Sayre approached ROOK/NYC hoping to elevate Shrubbly beyond the level of his earlier established functional beverage category competitors. ROOK/NYC, a New York-based independent creative agency known for creating disruptive brands and packaging designs, was able to do exactly that by maximizing education without losing premium appeal.

The intensity and wildness of the flavors and Shrub processes are what inspired ROOK/NYC to create the matte black can. The black can expresses a strong presence on shelf, with bright ingredient illustrations and typography in contrast. Flavor expectations and health benefits are set at the top of the can, with various subheadings calling out additional positive attributes of the drink. 

ROOK/NYC designed the can with visual intrigue at the front of mind, aiming to continue Sayre’s celebration of Shrubs’ unique qualities, and the carefully curated ingredients that go into each can. The centered illustrations and eyebrow shaped redesigned logo set the focal point on said ingredients, allowing consumers to recognize the shapes of lemons, ginger, and pomegranate, while embracing the potentially new shapes and descriptors of aronia berries and Apple Cider Vinegar.

“ROOK developed the term ‘Bubbly Superdrink’ to distinguish the drink from the direct and secondary competitive set. We wanted consumers to be able to pick up the drink and understand what it specifically entailed, while preserving a delicious and premium look,” said Mark Christou, co-founder and creative partner for ROOK/NYC, in a statement.