Winco often revises the array of parts to implement new technological features and update any changes in application requirements. The company’s pneumatic clamps received the latest update to assure a longer-lasting lifespan, as well as reliability. Of the improvements, Winco stated that the most significant improvement was with the pneumatic cylinder, which now boasts T-slots and a magnetic piston. The new slot allows for easier sensor attachment, and the magnetic piston grants “more precise querying” with the modern sensor GN 3380, according to the company. Pneumatic clamps in the GN 860 series now have “hardened, ground-bearing bushing and tempered bearing pins” for reduced wear. The updated clamps were tested for more than 250,000 cycles, with no meaningful alterations observed. Winco’s new pneumatic clamps are available in the “tried-and-true versions” for horizontal (GN 860) and vertical (GN 862). Winco also has the GN 862.1 that permits manual operation. High retaining forces, like in car manufacturing or pressing or welding lines, would benefit from the pneumatically operate power clamps of the GN 864 family, the company says. Two improvements were made to this family. One of those changes is the nickel-plated housing, which “considerably increases the corrosion resistance,” it adds. The housings were previously blackened. Additionally, the FG type is designed for welding jigs, with a green PTFE coating that prevents weld spatter from sticking, it notes.  

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