J.W. Winco Inc. offers a variety of opening and closing specialty hinges, including simple hinges for welding, multi-joint hinges with complex kinematics, and superior door and flap solutions with extra functions. For heavy-duty applications, the company recommends hinge GN 237.3, a compact, stainless steel hinge that features a 180-degree range of motion regardless of the mounting orientation. The hinge also contains special shim washers and hinge bands that have centering extensions to ensure a tighter fit, thereby preventing sliding and eliminating the transverse forces that otherwise place extremely heavy loads on the screws, the company says. On the other hand, the hinge series GN 235 can be mounted with socket head cap screws and because of an offset axis, still swivels by 180 degrees without collision. Horizontal and vertical slots simplify adjustment, and the hole pattern corresponds to existing hole arrangements, making it easier to replace existing hinges, the company says. The company also offers multiple-joint hinges with four-, seven- or 10-times joint mechanism, which opens flaps and shifts position at the same time. The maximum opening angle of 180 degrees provides optimal accessibility and avoids the blocking of escape routes by open doors, according to the company.

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