With a goal to deliver adaptive, flexible and portable solutions, Tompkins Robotics introduced its new tSort3D. Designed to further enhance automated sortation processes, the modular tSort3D multiplies the destination density and volume of the sortation process, the company says. When paired with the company’s tSort for item sortation loading and routing, the tSort3D system is ideal for order consolidation and assistance with customer eCommerce orders and other fulfillment flows such as store replenishment and reverse logistics. The system can be deployed in a scalable fashion in sites as small as the backroom of a retail store to large distribution and fulfillment centers. Additionally, the system allows six to eight times the sort destinations in the same space as other traditional automated sortation solutions, provides for thousands of sort destinations, volumes as much as 20,000 an hour, and facilitates a single, very large batch pick, it adds. The tSort3D uses a tray as the carrier, while other solutions use a cross belt. The tSort3d can handle wider, taller and deeper products, can continuously track items, orders and order status, and fosters a much less labor-intensive process from picking through to order delivery to packing for many product flows and products. 

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