To increase storage density, UNEX Manufacturing Inc. developed UNEX SpeedCell, a high-density storage solution that increases storage density by as much as 60 percent, the company says. It transforms vacant flue space into usable, highly efficient storage space that results in greater SKU density for less travel, it adds. UNEX Flow Cell carton flow racks increase space utilization by as much as 50 percent and speed picking operations, which helps to get orders out the door and free up shelf space. UNEX Span-Track features rollers, wheel beds, and/or shelving and is designed to assemble or drop into existing racks, carts, and shelves. SKU storage is as much as seven times denser for each bay than pallet rack storage, it says. Span-Track can have knuckled ends to help speed order picking. Tons of configurations and accessories also are available to flexibly fit any operation, it adds.

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