GT’s Living Foods announced the launch of its SYNERGY Peach Paradise Kombucha. Brewed with its signature organic and raw kombucha, SYNERGY Peach Paradise offers a peach and tropical red papaya profile, the company notes. The SYNERGY drink is packed with 9 billion living probiotics (18 times that of the leading competitor) and is handcrafted in small 5-gallon batches, fully fermented for 30 days to ensure maximum purity and potency, it says. Crafted with 100% organic, raw, and natural ingredients, Peach Paradise is naturally effervescent with a bright crisp bite and provides benefits to the natural systems of the body through healthful microbes, it adds. SYNERGY Raw Kombucha is available at select retailers nationwide and online by visiting the company’s website.

GT’s Living Foods, Vernon, Calif.


Distribution: National, online