Napa Valley, Calif.-based fine wine importer Demeine Estates is solidifying its commitment to leadership in the wine industry with the launch of its Dream It, Live It campaign, an annually selected professional partnership opportunity aimed toward wine entrepreneurs. Inclusion has always been powerful, and the program will empower a more inclusive wine industry, one growing business at a time, the company says.

“Dream It, Live It is an intentional, action-oriented initiative that demonstrates a core belief of Demeine Estates ― that business is done with people, and superior business is ethical, genuine, transparent and inclusive. We are not simply inviting inclusion, we are driving it through the diverse backgrounds of our team members and partners who bring different, celebrated perspectives to the table,” said Alexa D'Acquisto, senior brand manager, Demeine Estates, in a statement. “This initiative is about highlighting shared-value organizations that will benefit from a platform, and providing visibility for those partners by cultivating opportunity, offering access and providing education.”

As the Dream It, Live It campaign aims to use the importer’s established network to provide unique opportunities for minority-owned businesses and social responsibility organizations commitment to changing the wine industry, the Demeine Estates’ 2022 partners include the following:

Tish Around Town, a small business founded and run by Tish Wiggins of Texas. She leads immersive trips to historic wine regions that provide unparalleled access to wine education. A recipient of the Roots Fund Scholarship, she will be hosting experiences with Brittany Sherwood of Heitz Cellars, Jaimee Motley of Stony Hill and Meghan Zobeck of Burgess with her inaugural Spring 2022 "Celebration of Women In Wine" trip. The in-depth, hands-on education in Napa Valley history and wine sponsored by Demeine Estates will also visit Brendel's new tasting room in Napa Valley, and a portion of proceeds will go to The Roots Fund.

The Glancy Wine Education Foundation, which provides underserved individuals with scholarships to the San Francisco Wine School to further their wine education. Demeine Estates will be working with the foundation to establish a namesake scholarship. 

Each program is designed collaboratively with each partner to provide the most valuable support possible for their initiatives, the company says. Dream It, Live It is structured not unlike the importer's portfolio of family-owned wineries, in that they seek opportunities to add value to already-apparent talent, potential and determination, it notes.

Demeine Estates President Philana Bouvier added: “Already we are a pioneering workplace for people of all identities, and with Dream It, Live It we are opening doors and creating spaces to pay our philosophies forward and build a stronger wine world.”

In order to be considered for 2023 partnership, a business must have been operating for at least one year at the time of submission, must be in the wine industry, and must have a proven commitment to diversity in its team, it says. Applications will open in mid-2022.