Bayou City Hemp Co., a leading hemp processing and extraction company, released its first CBD seltzer under its flagship brand: Mixer Elixir. The Mixer Elixir Ranch Water seltzer is a non-alcohol, zero-calorie and zero-sugar sparkling water. Ranch Water contains 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD and is designed as a ready-to-drink beverage or cocktail mixer, the company says. Mixer Elixir's fast-acting CBD seltzer is complemented with a crisp, citrus-lime taste and hints of agave, it adds. The Ranch Water beverage can be enjoyed as a standalone beverage for any time of the day or as a complementary additive with its respective spirit, such as tequila, the company notes. Ranch Water is available at select specialty stores in Texas and by visiting the company’s website.

Bayou City Hemp Co., Houston, Texas


Distribution: Select markets, online