Veso Inc. announced the debut of two, direct-to-consumer craft aperitifs: Vanilla Nightfall and Strawberry Solstice. Offering a refined way to elevate the drinking experience, the natural, low-proof aperitifs are made with locally sourced ingredients, the company notes. Veso Vanilla Nightfall is made with Mendocino Chardonnay, grape spirits, vanilla extract, burnt caramel, dried orange peels, fresh orange peel, cacao, cinnamon, star anise and clove, the company says. Meanwhile, the Strawberry Solstice is made with Monterey County Sauvignon Blanc, grape spirits, organic strawberries, organic raspberries, organic Valencia orange peels, organic red grapefruit peels and cane sugar, it adds. Both expressions are packaged in 750-ml bottles, have an ABV of 18%, and are available for purchase in California for $35 plus shipping, or $70 for two bottles with free shipping through the company’s website, with plans of expanding nationally in the coming months.

Veso Inc., San Francisco


Distribution: Select markets, online