MXXN, a non-alcohol, cannabis-infused spirits brand, entered the cannabis and spirits industries with the launch of three expressions: London Dry, Jalisco Agave and Kentucky Oak. The brand's cannabis-infused, alcohol-free spirits are the first one-to-one non-alcohol replacement for gin, tequila and bourbon, the company says. London Dry is a complex gin replacement with notes of black pepper, chamomile, coriander, rose and lemon, with hints of melon and cucumber; Jalisco Agave is a tequila replacement with notes of fresh green agave, a sweet honey background and floral depth that finishes with a lime zest; and Kentucky Oak is a barrel-aged whiskey replacement, lightly charred American Oak with notes of vanilla, caramel and maple, the company says. The three expressions are packaged in 750-ml bottles containing 100 mg of THC, and are available for purchase at MXXN’s website, and select retail markets in Northern and Southern California. 

MXXN, Mill Valley, Calif.


Distribution: National