Uncle Matt's Organic, Clermont, Fla., debuted its new look featuring a redesigned logo and packaging. It's been just over a year since the brand was welcomed back home to Founder and CEO, Matt McLean, who built and subsequently sold the company to Dean Foods in 2017, and bought it back in 2020. The visual transformation reflects the metamorphosis of a new Uncle Matt's Organic – one with a stronger sense of cohesion and modernity. The refresh comes as the company continues its rapid expansion within the juice, functional beverage, and shots categories, highlighted by continual innovation and sales growth.

The vibrant new design elements elevate the look and feel to appeal to its consumer audience, while continuing to connect with brand loyalists, who have driven significant growth, the company says. The design increases shelf presence with a more modern look featuring a sophisticated color palette, and easy-to-read product benefits. Products featuring the new logo and packaging are rolling out to retailers now to reach on-shelf displays this month. The brand also recently launched its direct-to-consumer platform via UncleMatts.com, offering their functional and better-for-you beverages direct-to-doorsteps nationwide.

"We are very proud of the long-standing heritage of the Uncle Matt's Organic brand and the way the company continues to evolve," said Susan McLean, vice president of marketing and innovation at Uncle Matt's Organic, in a statement. "We see this brand refresh as an opportunity to gain more visibility on-shelf with clearer graphics that communicate our beverages' benefits and eye-catching package design. We felt that it was time to reimagine the look and feel of the brand so it visually reflects the forward-thinking and innovative approach that is at the heart of our company," she continued.

The new look ushers in an era of firsts for the brand as Uncle Matt's Organic recently entered into a new category with its new line of Ultimate Immunity and Energy Shots.