The Sidel Group introduced its StarLITE HPC base solution, which is designed to increase the stability of flat PET and rPET containers by up to 25%. The new, oval bottle base alternative for flat PET containers helps achieve optimum performance and also can comply with recycled PET (rPET) up to 100%, the company says. The new bottle base not only increases container stability by as much as 25%, but also optimizes bottle weight and energy consumption, reducing production costs and greenhouse gas emissions with a quick payback. The anti-rocking, asymmetric design is based on a 360-degree continuous contact surface to improve tilt angle, and can be combined with structural ribs and oval push-up. “The doubled sitting surface and the balanced stretching ratios between small and large sides enable better material distribution, while avoiding base sagging,” explains Laurent Naveau, a packaging expert at Sidel. The oval shape provides an optimum performance level, drastically improving empty or filled container stability by as much as 25% and increases production uptime due to better container stability on conveyors, it adds. The more sustainable and cost-effective base solution is applicable for opaque and transparent PET resins. The following are other benefits of the solution: improves material distribution; prevents unexpected base roll-out; contributes to lightweighting opportunities; and improves base cooling during blow molding. The StarLITE HPC is compatible with all generations of Sidel blow molding machines: SBO EvoBLOW, SBO Universal, SBO Series2 and SBO Series1.

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